Archie Grassie has to be the youngest contributor to the Sunderland Book Project

Archie Grassie will be exhibiting his book during BALTIC Artist’s Book Fair as part of the Sunderland Book Project.


Archie Grassie

Archie Grassie

I am a creative 10 year old who loves making things.  I started making books from age 5 since then I have been inspired to continue making Books and have been on a couple of courses.  Theresa Easton encouraged me to get involved.

Archie Grassie

Archie Grassie

Dark Depths presents a simple pop-up book, hand printed, lino print acrylic. The design is based on the depth if water at the outer harbour wall. (River Wear)

Archie Grassie (UK)

Archie Grassie

Archie Grassie

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