Impact 8 Dundee

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Although I never made it to Impact 8 Conference in Dundee, Sunderland Book contributor Julie Macbean did  and was pleased to attend fellow Sunderland Book contributor, Ousama Lazkani‘s lecture ‘East meets West via the bit in the Middle: Traditional to Digital’ .

Osama Lazkani

Osama Lazkani

Ousama Lazkani is a Syrian artist, holds degrees in fine arts from Syria, and MA degree in printmaking from China, and is an assistant professor at the Damascus Faculty of Fine Arts. Ousama is currently a PhD. Fine Art candidate in Aberystwyth University in Wales.
Ousama has long track of international exhibitions, and recently has been successful in having his work included in several prestigious exhibitions in the UK; such as: Oxford-pride Art and Design Festival in The Jam Factory Arts Centre, Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours Annual Exhibition in Mall Galleries in London, IMPRESS 2013 – The International Print Festival in Stroud, and many more.

As part of my PhD research a series of four artist’s books are being developed that incorporate and combine traditional methods of Chinese woodcut, calligraphy (including ancient Oracle bone script characters and pictographs), Eastern and Western approaches to paper marbling, Arabic and English calligraphy, and paper-cut with digital techniques of design, engraving and cutting paper using laser. Based upon the four spiritual creatures of Dragon, Phoenix, White Tiger and Turtle all of which are central to Chinese legend; designing for these books has thus taken account of their significance in Chinese history and mythology refer to the seasons; compass points; and the virtues.

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