The Sunderland Book Project @Sunderland Quakers Meeting House

Sunderland Quakers Meeting House will be home to The Sunderland Book Project during Heritage Open Days


  • Friday 12 September: 1000-1500
  • Saturday 13 September: 1300-1600
  • Sunday 14 September: 1300-1600

30 Roker Park Road was built about 1900/1 and the Quakers have been there since 1970. The building has beautiful features from both the Arts and Crafts period and the Art Nouveau era. The building is normally open only to people attending programmed events.  Over 60 books, some of which reflect the rich heritage and history of the city will be on display, waiting for visitors to explore the books. Many of the contributors have personal memories of the city, including Steve Dales ”I very much enjoyed visiting the Sunderland Maritime Heritage Trust workshop as a ‘research’ trip for another project on 19th Century migration in Co.Durham. My granddad was a fisherman in Hull back in the thirties and done a bit of sailing. Boats are amazing things and so are the men that make and fix.”

Steve Dales

Steve Dales






Grupo Gralha Azul based in Brazil have never (as far as I know) visited the city of Sunderland, but have contributed to the project on three occassions.  The group is made up of varying contributors. Their first contribution stood out amongst the collection.  Their use of bright, vivid, almost hallucinogenic colours, certainly did not reflect the sometimes gray, northern skies.

Grupo Gralha Azul

Grupo Gralha Azul







The book challenges the viewer to ‘what is a book’?  Sunderland is made up of a selection of individual pages, most of which reflect on Hylton Castle. Ian Horn and myself collaborated to make a book that celebrated Ian’s passion for the cities home football team and his love of the painting by Hemy, that welcomes the fans in the entrance hall.  The book recounts a poem by Ian embedded within the Hemy painting.

The Quakers Meeting House: 30 Roker Park Road, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, SR6 9PG

Ian Horn & Theresa Easton

Ian Horn & Theresa Easton

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