Theresa Easton is an Artist based in the North East of England, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Easton studied Fine Art, specialising in Printmaking at the University of East London and completed an MA in Glass at Sunderland University  in 2007.

Enchanted Parks, Saltwell Park, Gateshead 2010

Heritage interpretation plays an important part in Theresa Easton’s practice. Easton is interested in exploring cultural and historical episodes using contemporary printmaking processes and artist’s books.  Easton is drawn to working with alternative materials to paper and traditional bookbinding styles thereby  pushing the boundaries of printmaking.

Two Thousand Insects

Using printing techniques with glass and metal, Easton  is able to explore the inherent qualities of the materials, on occasions working within the Public Realm, working to commission and producing studio work for gallery exhibitions.

Easton  has a fluid relationship with her work and  the development of participatory projects. Her work is embededd with a natural ability to identify community participation and collaborative projects which generate curiosity and empowerment.  Her work embodies a cross fertilisation of ideas, inspired by books, conversations and social history.

The Sunderland Book Project is an on-going project organised by Easton, which encourages participants to make a book in response to the city of Sunderland. The project has a national and international touring programme.

The Sunderland Book Project on tour with The Book Apothecary 2011

Easton’s interest in Artist’s Books began with an international project in 2007 with The Penny Histories and has since expanded to include organising The Gallery North Artist’s Book Fair in 2010, and, more recently, having bookwork selected to become part of the London Tate’s Library collection of artist’s books in 2012. Recent  bookwork & print projects include taking part in Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair & Conference November 2012 and the Pushing Print Festival in Margate October 2012.

Ouseburn Festival 2012

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