The Sunderland Book Project @BALTIC Artists’ Book Fair 14th &15th June 2013

The next deadline for submitting work for the Sunderland Book Project @BALTIC Artist’s Book Fair is 1st June.  Download an application & guidance notes HERE

The inspiration for Fabulous Books, Fantastic Places came from The Sunderland Book Project, Theresa Easton’s international artist’s book project, on show at the McGuiness Gallery (Bishop Auckland) and The Last Chapter (Sheffield).

Contributor Julie Macbean talks about her introduction to The Sunderland Book Project.

My entry to the Sunderland Book project marked a return to my interest of industrial heritage, after 9 months working on a memory project for my MA.
I have recently taken up the appointment of ‘Artist in Residence’ at the Darlington Campus of Teesside University, where I aim to produce a body of work that responds to the local environments and landmarks of Darlington, famous for its railway heritage. Seeing the town through the eyes of the Flaneur, and collecting visual inspiration as the Urban Spectator, looking at what is present today and how it is informed by its historical past. 
I have two scheduled solo shows this year to showcase this new work, the first will be in August at the Constantine Gallery in Middlesbrough campus, Teesside University. and the second will be in October / November in the Crown Street Gallery in Darlington. This venue will also be hosting ‘The big draw’ at the same time, with this in mind I am concentrating more on drawing in my work. I am also investigating printmaking as a source of artistic material to use in further artist books. Within the residency I work one day a week as a Fine Art Printroom Technician, where I have been working with students on creative courses, demonstrating ways to use bookbinding to enhance their written and visual assignments. 
I am currently engaged with an ‘Emerging Curators programme’ with Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA), where next year I hope to use my new skills to curate art exhibitions that give emerging artists a platform to show their work. 
I was a recent finalist in ‘The Best of Darlington Awards 2013’, shortlisted to the last three for my contributions to the Arts.
Inspired by the Sunderland Book Project I have submitted work into the ‘sketchbook project 2013’ which tours to 8 venues in Canada and America, and contributed to three international Print exchanges in USA and Canada and UK. I also considering starting a Tees Valley Book project similar to the Sunderland project in the near future. 
This year my work has been selected for the ‘Simple Pleasures’ Exhibition in the ‘Washington Arts Centre’, and in the ‘County Durham Open Exhibition’ in the ‘Bowes Museum’, Barnard Castle. It has also been exhibited in a variety of local Art and Business venues in the Tees Valley.

Julie Macbean will be one of the Sunderland Book Project contributors invigilating The Sunderland Book Project during BALTIC Artist’s Book Fair 14th & 15th June 2013 and available to speak to personally about her practice.


Julie Macbean 'Made in Sunderland'
Julie Macbean ‘Made in Sunderland’
The Sunderland Book Project is a big hit at Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair, Silver Spring MD November 2012

The Sunderland Book Project talk I gave at Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair attracted an interested crowd with plenty of questions about projects I have taken part in, including Lucy may Schofield’s BABL & Yvette Hawkin’s The Book Apothecary.

The talk was a great opportunity to give a flavour of the kind of book activity taking place in the North East of England and the venues promoting art making in general including, Creative Cohesion in Sunderland.

The venue is less than three years old and sits in the middle of  Silver Spring town centre.  The fair presents a selection of printmaking, bookbinding, collectors books and paper making craft, as well as the conference and series of demosntrations lined up.

The Sunderland book Project has proved a huge success with visitors, amazed at the variety and range of contributions.


Earlier in the day I managed to make Libby Clarke’s talk, which centred on her connection with her practice and audience participation with her work.

Libby Clarke

Response from visitors to the fair is positive and encouraging, with lots of visitors from Baltimore checking in to see the work on display.

Lei Lei, just one of the exhibitiors taking part in the fair was awarded a prize from the jurors and looking at her work you can certaibly see why!

Outside the Fair, Jesse Mcafee, from The Print Factory

presnts a mobile art collective that began in Kansas City in 2007, creating traveling hand made mobile presses.  The fair continues tomorrow when I give my presentation on the Sunderland Book Project.
the Sunderland Book Project all packed and ready to go

The Sunderland Book Project is ready and packed for Washington DC.  I am taking the Sunderland Book Project to Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair and will be exhibiting and selling my work as well as showing the Sunderland Book Project.  I will be speaking about the development of the project at the conference and the future for The Sunderland Book Project.

The Sunderland Book Project @Empty Shop, Durham, October 2012

The Sunderland Book Project @Empty Shop 17 Claypath

Last week saw the launch of the Sunderland Book Project Empty Shop 17 Claypath in the heart of Durham.  Its a fantastic opportunity to see 47 of the 50 books currently in the collection.   Showing for the first time is a copy of Steve Dales ‘Boat Notes &  Ship Tips’ as well as Canadian based artist Marina Bancroft’s, ‘Voyage’ (also on show at Creative Cohesion)


The space is light, airy, roomy and has heaps of potential.

17 Claypath

The windows face directly onto a busy street and bus stop, allowing visible access from the outside to the inside of the gallery space.  Dawn Knox has taken full advantage of this by erecting her installation ‘Site Verify’, composed of ladders and hand draw plans adjacent to the busy street.

This coming Thursday 18th sees the re-launch of Creative Cohesion space in Sunniside that celebrates  and welcomes two new tenants; Lindsey Grieves and Joanne Elliott, the launch of their website and completion of their shutter commission by Frank Styles. A new exhibition ‘Reconnection’ plays host to a selection of the Sunderland Book Project  work as well as guests from Washington DC.

The Sunderland Book Project @Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens June 2012

slandbkpro 020
The Sunderland Book Project @ Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens 2012

slandbkpro 010slandslandbkpro 016slandbkpro 015

Moving Studio & The Sunderland Book Project June 2012

The Sunderland Book Project begins to take shape for its latest viewing at Sunderland Winter Gardens and Museum.

Its been a busy Bank Holiday weekend moving studio  at 36 Lime street, up one flight of stairs and preparing the installation pieces for the Sunderland Book Project.  The work will be on display from 9th June until 14th July and has contributors from all over the world.

Nicola Maxwell, with support of arts council england, is artist in residence at Sunderland museum and Winter Gardens researching and working with the historical herbarium archive of Durham Flora. Nicola is a photographic artist and is developing ways to respond to the archive to produce new bodies of work and areas of concern. Her practise is based around our collection, manipulation of and relationship to nature.

Nicola is a contributor to the Sunderland Book Project with her Japanese Stab Bound book ‘New Towns, New Worlds’ exploring the green spaces developed in Washington New Town and with text references used by the quango when developing Washington

The Sunderland Book Project Returns Home May 2012

The Sunderland Book Project returns to the North East in less than 2 weeks time to go on show at Sunderland’s Museum and Winter Gardens located in the city centre.

The project is has 42 books and over 50 contributors from around the world, as far away as Brazil and as local as Roker.

The exhibition will allow viewers to sit and relax with a book and explore the collection at first hand.  Installation begins next week, with the exhibition open to the public 9th June.

Theresa Easton began the project in October 2009 at Creative Cohesion on Nile Street in Sunderland with support from Sunderland’s Business Investment Team.   Since then the project has grown from strength to strength, with interest from around the world.

The Sunderland Book Project heads off to Bristol February 2012

The Sunderland Book Project will be displayed in the Tom Trusky cabinets at the Centre For Fine Print Reserach, University of West of England from the 1st February until the 1st March. 2012.

Andrew Wood

A complete archive detailing current participants can be found at The Sunderland Book Project Participants page.

If you are interested in taking part in the next exhibition of the Sunderland Book Project, download and complete Application Form Sland Bk and return to Theresa Easton with your completed work.  DEADLINE 28th March 2012.

The next North East venue for display is in Middlesbrough 2nd April until 26th May 2012. The collection will be on display at: Archive & Display Cabinets School of Arts & Media Teesside University Middlesbrough TS1 3BA UK

Roberto Ghisellini Zenesi
Arts Centre Washington, Tyne & Wear  2011 September -November
From around the country The Sunderland Book Project brings together artists, designers, comic makers, printmakers and those new to artist’s book making.  The project brief asks participants to make a book, using whatever production methods, in response to the city of Sunderland.

Graham Smith: Sunderland from Oak to Iron & Sunderland
Graham Smith: Sunderland from Oak to Iron & Sunderland

Graham Smith based in London, responded to the brief with two books.   Sunderland from Oak to Iron is a social comment on the city’s shipbuilding history, while Sunderland documents the football clubs historical change of strip.

Les Bicknell
Les Bicknell

Les Bicknell, based inSuffolk goes back further in history to celebrate the work of Bede, connecting the book as a symbol of power and knowledge and a vehicle to communicate with.

The Sunderland Book Project will be on show at Arts Centre Washington from 5th September until 5th November.

Showing alongside the Sunderland Book Project is a personal collection from Sumi Perera .  The collection brings together work from a selection of Beijing artist’s.

Dog God by Shi Xiao Hui

Also on show is a wide range of work from the collection of Sarah Bodman from the University of West of England and current book work by  Theresa Easton.


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